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From August 11th, the orchid exhibition will be placed in the botanical garden

The 2019 Penang Orchid Show will be held at the Penang Botanical Garden from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, August 11-18, with free admission to 60 different varieties of approximately 600 exotic and colourful orchids.

Hundreds of flowers bloom, welcome to come and watch.

Yang Shunxing, chairman of the Penang Tourism Development, Monuments, Culture and Arts Committee, said at a press conference today that the above-mentioned event is one of Penang's perennial programs.

It is jointly organized by its office PETACH and the Penang Orchid Society (FOMOS), hoping to promote Penang. As an orchid growing place, it also teaches people how to cultivate and care for orchids.

He said that the main content of the Penang Orchid Show for the week included the orchid contest and orchid sales.

“The judges of the Orchid Competition came from all Malaysian states, Singapore and Thailand.

In addition to promoting the tourism industry in Penang and attracting orchid lovers, the event also included educational elements, so the University of Science and Technology was invited to participate.”

Chen Xinhe, president of the Penang Orchid Association, said that the association was founded in 1958 and has been one of the long-established organizations in the country since the beginning of five Penang chief ministers.

He looked at the flower show to attract 10,000 to 20,000 participants.

He said that the orchid contest is divided into 60 groups, each group will select the top three, the prize is 150 RM for the champion and RM 120 for the runner-up. The third place was RM90.

“The conference will also select the best orchid award in the audience. The top three winners will receive RM1,000, RM600 and RM400 respectively. The winner of the Best Native Orchid Award will receive a prize of RM600 and a trophy.”

He said that the winning orchid will be selected on August 10 and will be on display at the Orchid Show on the 11th.

Professor Slamananan, a plant biotechnology expert at the University of Science and Technology in Malaysia, said that the hospital began looking for Jewel Orchid varieties seven years ago and successfully cultivated Ludisia discolor and Anectochilus.

He said that many orchids have external beauty, and gem orchids have inner beauty in addition to external beauty, and Golden Line has medical effects. As for the bloody leaf orchid, it is a extinct local variety, and the hospital is currently undergoing indoor cultivation.

For more information about the Orchid Show, please contact Tony 012-4891577 or Kim Lean 012-5621406.

SOURCE : Buletin Mutiara

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