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Create your own balcony garden

Increasing numbers of people are living in high-rises and it is no surprise that some children today have never really touched natural soil and couldn’t tell a beetle from a spider.

As the city grows over time, giving up some living space is unavoidable especially if you want something you can afford, yet is convenient for your daily life.

First of all, before starting landscaping, you should always check with the proper authorities first. Check with your building or landlord to find out the exact rules about balcony gardening. It’s always important to get authorization for certain things that involve any sort construction or potential modifications to the home.

Next, think of plants that are more convenient, practical and easy to care of. Here are some ideas:

•English Ivy


•Peace Lily

•Spider Plants




•Bleeding Hearts


•Many species of Ferns

Of course, your balcony garden is certainly not limited to these plants. In hotter climates, gardeners find that cacti are the easiest to grow and maintain.

In addition, herbs are quite valuable to have for any fresh cooking. Many of the basic kitchen herbs – such as basil, rosemary, and – are quite easy to grow in a small balcony environment.

Again, before you go out and buy any of the plants named here, be sure to check whether they’re well-suited to your growing space.

If your most of your balcony garden consists of hanging plants, flower boxes, and wall plants, then you have plenty of floor room to play with. Add one or two chairs or maybe even some colorful cushions if you’re a floor-sitter. If you have a lot of potted plants, you may have to select your seating arrangement a little more wisely.

A couple of well placed large ferns or bamboo screen can act as a filter from prying eyes, while needing little upkeep. On the other hand, flowering creepers like honeysuckle and Dutchman’s pipe are an aesthetically pleasing solution, that might require a heavier hand, but add a pop of colour to your private balcony garden.

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